Coaching Services


Learn more about the best platforms to use, importance of research, finding your niche, marketing, monetizing, and automation. 

Package Inclusions:

  • 1-hour session
  • Pre-work consultation
  • Two 30-minute check-ins

From $150

Book Writing

We will cover how to get started, book outline, drafting, editing, cover art, publishing options, ISBNs & Barcodes, all about pre-sales, reviews, beta readers, and becoming a best selling author. 

Package Inclusions:

  • Two 1-hour sessions
  • Pre-work consultation
  • Three 30-minute check-ins

From $250


Learn how to self-publish your works, how, and where to upload your content, ISBNs & Barcodes, copyrighting, and marketing. 

Package Inclusions:

  • One 1-hour session
  • Pre-work consultation
  • One 30-minute check-in

From $200

Writing Services

Book Compositions

Have your book written for you. You can chose to retain full authorship which means I will be listed as the author of the book as it is told by you. Or you could chose ghostwriting which means you will be listed as the author. 

Types of Services:

  1. Full authorship
  2. Ghostwriting

Starts at $2,500 to $5, 000


We offer publishing options to aspiring authors. 

Package Inclusions:

  • Editing
  • Cover Art
  • Formatting
  • Marketing

Starts at $1, 500

Blog Post

Our blogging services are customizable and catered to fit any client. 

Package Inclusions:

  • Consultation
  • Topic Research
  • Up to 1000 words of creative content
  • Focused Keywords
  • Client Revisions
  • Image/link inclusion (if applicable)

Package Options

  1. One post per week/Four post per month
  2. Two post per week/Eight post per month
  3. Three post per week/Twelve post per month

Starts at $800 to $2,400

Project Management

Project Planning & Marketing

Discover where to start, how to stay consistent, how to create realistic project goals, effective time management, how to overcome writer’s block, how to boost your project, the benefits of promotional products, how using social media can increase sales, and the purpose of an author website. 

Package Inclusions:

  • Two 1-hour sessions per project
  • Pre-work consultation
  • Two 30-minute check-ins
  • Wrap-up

From $200

Project Accountability

Stay on task and be held accountable! We will check in to ensure that you are completing tasks and staying on target with goals. I will also provide an additional tools in my repertoire to assist as needed to maintain project progress. 

Package Inclusions:

  • Two 1-hour sessions 
  • Pre-work consultation
  • Two 30-minute check-ins

From $250

Why Creative Chameleon

Owner, Shay Cole brings over 20 years of writing experience and over eight years of self-publishing experience to her clients. She has been dedicated to helping others write their dreams into reality professionally since 2015. 


Creative Chameleon has assisted a number of businesses in creating the content they need to enhance their presence, both in person and online. As a company, the goal is to provide exceptional service to each and every client who entrusts us with their project.


Thank you Shay Cole for getting my website done as quickly as possible. I called Shay Cole on such short notice and asked if my website could be done by May 1st , she completed my website April 29 & I had no complaints. Very reliable, trustworthy and professional.” 

– D. Elias, Owner – Hello Glamorous

6 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

Quick Turnaround

Dedicated Support