In The Beginning

Everyone has their own reasons for starting a business. No two stories are exactly alike and no two outcomes are exactly the same. Each entrepreneur has a story. Today, I decided to share my story with you. 

Who Helped

Contrary to popular belief, some of the people who encouraged me the most where the people that kept telling me that I couldn’t do it. Majority of the time, this lack of support often came from those closest to me. I heard it all. How will you make money? What are you going to do without a job? Are you serious? I was hit with a slew of negativity that drove me up my ladder of success. These comments did not hurt as much as one would think. I was able to use those comments as fuel. This is not the case for everyone. There are some that believe what others tell them. Some of us get to a point where we doubt ourselves more than we believe in ourselves because of what someone else says about us. 

I did not allow the negativity to defeat me nor diminish my desire to accomplish my goals. Although, I was met with negativity from those closest to me, there were also a great deal of supporters in the mix. My children are my greatest supporters. I share my success with them every step of the way. That includes when I miss deadlines, and make mistakes. They know the good and the bad, yet their support is unwavering. There are some very important people who encourage me to keep going because they see something in me. Those people help me remember how awesome I am. My clients have played an integral part in where I am. They not only support me but hire me to complete works for them.  

What I’ve Learned

One of the greatest lessons that I have learned is that I have to have the right mind for this. I had to change my mind and realize that it was going to take more than me wanting to prove something, more than me wanting to feel accomplished, and more than me wanting to live my dream. Being an entrepreneur takes dedication and discipline. It takes long nights which transition into early mornings. It takes strategy and energy to be great. There is a lot of research and hard work that goes into this and most of us come in with no clue.

Another lesson I’ve learned is to ask questions. I will not go so far as to say that there is no such thing as a dumb question, but I will say that there are always questions worth asking. To get to where I want to go my discomfort had to get high enough for me to do something about it. There is only so long a person can “dive in” and “figure it out” before they realize how beneficial reading the manual can be. 

I learned that it takes time to get to the next level but “there” does not exist. Hard work and dedication will push us to the next level but we have to be able to maintain the new position and continue to progress. That’s what I mean, every time we get “there” we have a new “there” to get to. The process works for a reason and everyone has to find the process that works for them and forge ahead on their journey. 

When Did I Start?

I started my first business when I was 19. I sold candles as a Party Lite consultant. I was the owner of my own Party Lite business. I would get people to host parties and purchase candles, similar to any other direct sales company. From then I guess it stuck with me to want to do my own thing. That wasn’t my first job or work experience. I started working with a friend of my mother’s under the table when I was 14. Five years later I was learning about being my own boss. 

I worked at various places throughout my life and I created a few businesses of my own. I owned a stationary company, an in-home day care, and even tried another direct sales venture with Tastefully Simple. I enjoyed having my own business more than I enjoyed working for someone else. As I got older and the jobs got more demanding, it was harder and harder to allow my gifts to take a back seat. This business, Creative Chameleon, was established in 2016. It has been just over a year since I started this company and I am extremely proud of the direction.

Where Am I Going?

I am going further than what my eyes can currently see. I am expanding my business by creating a lane for myself and others. The assortment of services that I provide allows me to reach a large number of clients and leaves room for exponential growth. I am growing up in my business. I could say that I am going to the top, however, I feel that there is no cap on how successful I can be. I am elevating my knowledge and increasing my productivity.

Creative Chameleon is a company unlike any other. Crafted from the idea that creativity is essential to life, the company embraces all forms of creative expression. The heights this company can soar to are not measured yet. There are no limitations to where we can go or what we can accomplish. With that being said, we are building the brand, the model, and the net worth. We have so much in store for our clients and for the community. 

Why I Started

I started my business because I have a mission to change the world. Writing is a gift of mine. Once I accepted that, I began to apply my gift to areas in my life. More and more, I felt like there was not a place for me. I felt that I was often misunderstood, underutilized, and under appreciated. I kept finding myself in jobs that were unfulfilling and ultimately depressing. Every work day became a day of torture. I felt that my creativity was being muted and I wanted to create a career that encouraged my creative mind.

Years back I started blogging. I did not start it with the idea that I would be a millionaire or anything. I started blogging just to share my gift with the world. As I learned more about blogging, I learned how many people would pay for my experience, knowledge, and assistance. I continued to do research and expand my blog which led me to write my first book. After the release of I Will Not Be Afraid, I was approached multiple times by people that were interested in learning more about the process. The more I was contacted, the more I realized how valuable my gift is. I learned a long time ago that my experiences are not just for me to experience, but for me to share. I started my business to become a voice for those that felt they didn’t have one.

What made you start your business?