Busy or Productive Creative Chameleon

Busy or Productive

Busy or Productive Creative Chameleon

It is common for people to say they don’t have time to do a particular task because they are too busy to get it done. Just because we hear the word busy we assume that the person who used it is also being productive. It is easy for many of us to confuse the two terms. They sound as if they lead to the same outcome. As if they are one in the same. Contrary to popular belief, they do not. 

The difference 

For some people, being busy means you are taking care of business. It could also mean you are unavailable to meet their needs. Busy could even mean that you just don’t want to be bothered. There are some who believe it is simply a way to remain occupied. (The latter idea is where the phrase, “busy work” likely derived). Nevertheless, just because we are busy doing something, doesn’t mean we are being productive. When we strive to stay busy, it means we are still trying to figure out how to be productive. Our time is unfocused and we are doing a whole lot of nothing.

Busy or Productive Creative Chameleon

Productivity is defined, in one aspect,  as a measurable effort of effectiveness. It is something that we can actually see happen. Something that we are able to report and prove. When we are productive, we are accomplishing things. We are able to see the fruits of our labor, so to speak. Productivity tends to be the result of goal setting and strategic planning. We are only able to be productive when we are working towards completion. Unlike being busy, being productive keeps our focus and determination high as we move through our levels of success. 

How to increase productivity

A great way to increase productivity is to create a daily checklist. It sounds like something tedious and time consuming I know. I also know how important and necessary it is to do. Daily checklist, goal sheets, and similar tools hold you accountable and keep you focused. They force you to think about what you are doing and how you are spending your time. 

Busy or Productive Creative Chameleon

Another option is to join accountability groups. Groups of people that will not allow you to skate through or make excuses for not getting things done are essential. The people in the groups should have similar goals as you and they should want you to succeed. The amount of support that is available in accountability groups is phenomenal. This is also a great way to get feedback on your projects and as well as network.

Make the change

There is something that happens to us all when we accomplish a goal. Something also happens to us when we do not set goals to work towards. The achievement of a goal comes with pride and a strong desire to feel the accomplishment over and over again. When we do not set goals we often feel confused and lost. We will waste time doing things that will not benefit us just to make ourselves feel like we are doing something. Until we make the change in our mind that busy does not equate to productivity we will remain in the cycle of  impulsivity.

Share your tips on how you remain productive or what keeps you busy.

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