Creative Chameleon 4 Ways to Grow Your Business

4 Ways to Grow Your Business

Every entrepreneur, CEO, and organizational figure head knows that there is always room for growth when it comes to business. There aren’t any guarantees or “surefire” methods that can provide blanket benefits to an array of businesses. If there were, every business started would be successful. Each business owner will have to learn the methods that work best for them and their overall goals. 
As I continue on my journey, I am certain that my business will evolve. It actually has already begun to do just that.  If I resist the growth, I will become stagnant and unable to move forward. I have learned a number of things along the way. Here are four tips that I would like to share with you as you continue to grow your business. 

1. Use your resources
There is so much information at your fingertips. There is even more information on the other side of an inquiry.  In order to access it, you have to know what is available to you. All resources are not listed in a remote location for your exploration. You will have to put forth the effort to learn about resources in your field that will benefit you. It would behoove you to learn about network opportunities that exist in your field also.
More times than not you hear people say, “it’s all about who you know” and that is the truth. Knowing the “right” person can provide opportunities that would have otherwise been out of reach. Those people can also point you in the right direction which will get you closer to accomplishing your goals. Allow your networks to take you places. Collaborate with people that have skills/services that you don’t. In addition, you have to know how to use the resources that you have. You will need to continue your research throughout the lifespan of your business if you want continued success. 

2. Ask questions
If at any point there is something that you don’t know, you need to ask for help. A common fault of most business owners is that they do not ask for assistance when it is needed. I mentioned that there is information on the other side of an inquiry earlier, this is how you get there. If you don’t know what it takes to operate a business like yours in your area, you have to ask questions to find out. Again, knowing the right people can ensure that you get the most valuable information for what you are attempting to accomplish.
Starting a business requires a lot of time, energy, and research. One of the best ways to achieve your business goals is to have a team. Find out who can do what and how they can help your business. You have to know when and what to delegate. Unanswered questions are a source of anxiety for a number of business owners. The ambiguity of entrepreneurship can make anyone second guess the decision to walk towards a dream. Removing ambiguity, by asking the right questions, is the first step to clarity and progression. Silence is not conducive to success when there are elements of your business that you need help with.

​​3. Be accountable
Your business is a direct reflection of you. Your efforts and your output will have a lasting affect on the success and longevity of your business. If you do not make yourself accountable for your involvement in your success, you will miss meaningful opportunities and wonder how things are slipping through your fingers.
A great way to maintain your accountability is to get a coach, a mentor, or an accountability partner. This is a member of your team that will push you further than you will push yourself. They will give you insight and guidance as they challenge you to do more. They will check with you to measure your consistency and productivity. Their role is more important than many entrepreneurs realize. 
Think about this; when you work for someone, they have expectations for you and your work. They hold you accountable for what you said you could perform when you were interviewed for the position. If you do not meet or exceed their expectations, you threaten the integrity of their company and they will likely dismiss you. If you would work hard to meet the expectations of a employer, it only makes sense that you would go above and beyond for your own business. 
4. Keep learning

Allow your network to take you places

​​At this point it may be evident to you that all of these tips are linked to one another. Although they are linked, they are not chronological. Your business journey will be different from everyone else. Just as your goals will not match the goals of others. Your dreams are merely topics of conversation to other people. With that, your dreams will only live a limited time if you do not know how to keep them alive. If your dreams are to thrive, they will need to grow. In order to grow your business, you have to also grow yourself.As your business increases, so should your knowledge. 

Everything that you need to have a successful business is already within your reach. All you have to do is extend your arm and open your hand. The more you search for guidance, knowledge, and growth, the more you will learn. At that point, you have to decide how to apply what you have learned. Be open to increase regardless of your level of success. As I stated in the beginning of the post, every entrepreneur, CEO, and organizational figure head knows that there is always room for growth when it comes to business. The moment that you feel your business has reached it’s capacity for growth will prove to be the downfall of your success.

What are some lessons you’ve learned on your journey of starting and owning a business?